Kirigamine Zen

Experience peace and tranquillity

Very low energy consumption combined with a low noise level ensure our premium wall mount units are perfect.

Select noises

To compare, select an everyday noise from those featured below and click on the play button. Note: if you increase the sound level by +6 dB(A), the sound level will be doubled.

Lawn mower passing by
dbA about 60 db(A)

In a quiet pub or bar
dbA about 40 db(A)

A cat purring
dbA about 22 db(A)

Kirigamine ZEN Premium Air conditioner
dbA about 21 db(A)
measured at 1m away from and 0.8m beneath the unit while in cooling operation.

A breeze in unspoilt countryside
dbA about 10 db(A)
Threshold of hearing